• I can see clearly now Advent Calendar
  • I can see clearly now Advent Calendar
  • I can see clearly now Advent Calendar
  • I can see clearly now Advent Calendar

I can see clearly now Advent Calendar

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The first "Make a bracelet from your year's reflection" Advent calendar.

Inside each bag, you'll find a natural gemstone bead & a question to reflect your year.
Feel free to write down your answer or keep it just for yourself.

String the bead onto the thread (day one) and take a moment to cherish that unique moment, the special recipe, that unforgettable experience, or that dear person.

By December 24th, you'll have a bracelet full of memories, each one captured
in a bead from your adventures in 2024.

“I HOPE YOU CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW” that your year may have been difficult,
challenging and sad at some times, but also exciting, beautiful, inspiring, and full of special moments.

Every Advent calendar comes with:

18x mountain crystal clear beads

1x green jade bead

1x yellow aventurine bead

1x blue angelite bead

1x moonstone bead 

1x final Pearl 

1x 1mm elastic band 

24x questions to reflect your year 

pls note: the "final bead" comes in different colors that are chosen randomly


Each piece of jewellery is carefully checked and packed for you in our studio in Cologne, Germany. Your package will be shipped within 2 working days secured with DHL go green. Returns are free of charge.

Sustainability is the foundation of all our Brand. That’s why we work exclusively with recycled gold. By using what is already there, we are working towards closing the loop.

Our jewellery is made in a small manufactory in Spain. Working with people close by reduces delivery distances and also helps us to plan in smaller quantities in order to avoid overproduction in all cases.

Our jewelry is timelessly beautiful and can be loved for many generations to come. 

Our packaging design is made to be reused. have fun with it.

Fancy something unique? We are opened our jewellery customisation bar. Special sizes, unique stones and engravings are waiting for you!

so; if you are dreaming of something super unique send us an

email: hello@allaboutarticus.de

whatsapp: +4915203927877

if you have any questions, you do need help deciding, you are unsure about sizes or anything else you would like to discuss with us - feel free to contact us at any time

mail hello@allaboutarticus.de

WhatsApp: +4915203927877

Imagined, designed and carefully made in Barcelona.