• The fine gold Lucky Heart Charm
  • The fine gold Lucky Heart Charm
  • The fine gold Lucky Heart Charm
  • The fine gold Lucky Heart Charm
  • The fine gold Lucky Heart Charm

The fine gold Lucky Heart Charm

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The fine gold Lucky Heart Charm 

Material: 18k / 750er recycled fine gold Stones: 1x 1mm lab grown diamonds 

Size: 5mmx13,5mm (without ring) / 0,9mm thick

Made: made in a small fine gold manufactory in southern Spain. 

Design: Designed in Barcelona late 2023 by Elisabeth Articus. 

Lucky Charm No.19

The design of our Lucky Charm No.19 is infused with a touch of vintage inspiration to underline the fact that happiness is not only found in the present but also in the many beautiful and special moments lived.

 It is meant to remind you a bit of a sweet cake with sugar icing & a sweer note – Something you'd rather indulge in while there's still some left, as sweet cakes and luck behave quite similarly; hesitating too long means missing out on the best.

The "Lucky" inscription is in a flowing script because luck is just as individual as your handwriting. So, don't be disheartened if what brings you joy doesn't resonate with others – just like how not everyone enjoys the same kind of cake, you know?

In addition, our Lucky Charm has a small diamond at the top, serving as a little sparkle for all the beautiful moments of luck we are still waiting for, dreaming about & eagerly anticipating 

& on the back of our Lucky Charm, there is space for your own message of luck! 

In the end, happiness resides in cherished memories, in the moments unfolding around us & in the dreams we eagerly await. It's your personal journey. Delicious! Luck is so sweet!

pls note: the price is for 1x fine gold Lucky Heart charm without the Necklace


Each piece of jewellery is carefully checked and packed for you in our studio in Cologne, Germany. Your package will be shipped within 2 working days secured with DHL go green. Returns are free of charge.

Sustainability is the foundation of all our Brand. That’s why we work exclusively with recycled gold. By using what is already there, we are working towards closing the loop.

Our jewellery is made in a small manufactory in Spain. Working with people close by reduces delivery distances and also helps us to plan in smaller quantities in order to avoid overproduction in all cases.

Our jewelry is timelessly beautiful and can be loved for many generations to come. 

Our packaging design is made to be reused. have fun with it.

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Imagined, designed and carefully manufactured from recycled 18k fine gold in spain.