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8K, 9K,14K and 18K, 333, 585 and 750 gold. All these are numbers and shorthand symbols that you have surely read before while scrolling through jewellery shops. In this article we summarize the meaning of these individual numbers, shorthand symbols and values. First of all: KT, K or C is the abbreviation for carat. 

The designation carat is used to indicate the fineness of gold. It indicates the proportion by weight of pure gold in the total mass of a gold alloy.

8KT = 333er gold
14KT = 585er gold
18KT = 750er gold

The main difference between jewellery made of 333er, 585er and 750er gold is the purity of the gold. 333er gold has a fine gold amount of 33.3%. Jewellery made of 333er gold is often mixed with a very high percentage of copper. This jewellery is often recognizable by a slightly reddish gold tone. 585er gold has a fine gold amount of 58.5%. The other components in jewellery with a purity of 585er gold are also silver and copper. 750er has a fine gold amount of 75%. The other components are silver and copper. Since we not only create new jewellery in our factory but also recycle the old gold, we can be sure that no allergenic substances are added to our jewellery. 

In our manufactory we do work exclusively with 750er gold, that we gain from 100% recycled gold. Gold is a very sustainable material, because it can be re-melted and re-processed over and over again. We are proud to say that since 2021 we have been working exclusively with 100% recycled gold. Old pieces of jewellery but also electrical scrap containing real gold are processed in a refinery. The material is melted down and then broken down into its individual components. 

If you have further questions- we are pleased to hear from you! 

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